All the components listed below are manufactured from the original moulds and tooling for the Coupe. Prices are ex-works and currently V.A.T. does not have to be added.

Body Panels

From the original 13” wheel moulds and are supplied in grey gelcoat and will require the removal of flash marks and minor preparation prior to paint.










Bonnet – including inner arches and hinge plate

Main Body Section

Engine Cover

Boot Lid

Doors x 2

Rear Bumper

Inner Rear Wheel Arches

Boot Bulkhead

Rear Cabin Bulkhead



£ 90

£ 45







Interior Panels

Supplied in black leathergrain finish fibreglass and require minor flash removal.




Instrument Panel

Door Cards

Handbrake Cover

£ 90

£ 90

£ 45


Floorpan/Chassis Unit

MT01   Latest Style 13” wheel version, supplied in etch primer.                                                        £ 1645

MT02   Heerey 1.3 style 10” wheel version, with rear space frame. Made using Zintec steel.         £ 1865

MT03  Early Cox style 10” wheel type. Again in Zintec steel.                                                            £ 1985


Exhaust System

EX01 Complete Exhaust System in Stainless Steel, including Budget LCB manifold.                     £ 425

Wiring Loom

From the original supplier and to suit the Triumph steering column switch arrangement.

WL01   Wiring Loom                                                                                                                            £ 275


Handbrake Cables

HB01 Latest style to suit 13” wheel car                                                                                              £  21 each

HB02 Early style for 10” wheel cars                                                                                                   £  21 each



WG01  Laminated Windscreen in clear glass                                                                                     £ 385

WG02  Windscreen Rubber & Black Filler Strip                                                                                £  29-50


Rear Wishbones

RW01 Fabricated Heerey style Rear Wishbones and Support for Mini Hubs                                   £ 255 pr.

RW02 Metallistic Rear Wishbone Bushes                                                                                          £  6 each


Door Hinges

DH01   New style Hinges                                                                                                                    £ 30 each

DH02   Original style Cox & Heerey fabricated Hinges                                                                     £ 30 each



ES01   Early Style Cox & Heerey Seats                                                                                            £ 315 each


Steering Rack Mounts

SR01 Rack Mounts. Machined from Billet Aluminium, c/w HT bolts & taper washers.                    £  76  pr.


General Machining

We can machine front suspension cones, cut and machine front C.V. joints, machine rear brake backplates to fit the rear. Also one-off machining and fabrication work is available.


If you want any other items for the Coupe please enquire as we should be able to manufacture them.