Lydden 1994


Lydden 1984

Completed 10" Wheel Heerey 1.3 Floorpan
Completed 10" Wheel Heerey 1.3 Floorpan
Main Body Moulding
Main Body Moulding
Bonnet Moulding
Bonnet Moulding

Prototype Fiesta Powered Car

Original Cox and Heerey Style Seats now Available

Bespoke Rear Subframe to take Fiesta Engine

New Body attached to Floorpan for Mini Based Car

New Style Steering Rack Mountings now Available.

Rear Wishbone Components now Available including Metallistic bushes

Gear Change Parts now available.

New Stainless Steel Exhaust System.

New Car at Stoneleigh

New Car at Stoneleigh, Front View

New Car at Stoneleigh, May 2017

New Heerey 1.3 Chassis in 20g. Zintec ready for delivery

Close up view of new chassis

Early style COX Chassis

Close up view of early style Cox chassis